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(Press R to skip the tutorial)




-wasd - move/crouch/jump/walljump

-spacebar - attack

-r - restart

-p - pause/unpause

Small enemies can only be hit by low hitting moves, big enemies have 3hp

Version 1.2 note: this version is more stable, balance and overall way better than earlier versions. No code was added, so it is still the same product. However, level sections were slightly altered to be more fair. 
-right arrow key can now also be used for walljumps
-enemy spawn locations are fixed
-hotspots for getting stuck are fixed
-lag has been reduced
-letters in the top left of he screen have been removed
-arrows and skulls have been added to guide the player
^^^note this has been done outside of compo time, so consider judging the previous version instead if you're planning to rate me.

Version 1.3 note:
-tutorial has been added
-crouching stops momentum

Version 1.4 note:
-videos supporting the tutorial have been added to the desktop version
-minor balancing on level sections
-addition of a minimap


Help the prince collect as much gold as possible! Make your way through challenging randomly-generated levels, collect all the gold and return it to where you started.


-More health = worse movement

-More attacks landed = worse range and defense

-More gold = a harder level

-You can use directional attacks whilst in the air

-Your shield can block projectiles

The game is very hard so beware. You'll face many challenging obstacles. Dying a lot is guaranteed.


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Prinsen Gulden - Desktop (1.4 patch) 109 MB
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Prinsen Gulden - Unity Project 190 MB

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